Le S4B0T3UR a.k.a Dopamin is me Joakim J based in Stockholm, Sweden. Le S4B0T3UR came about when a change in music was needed and Joakim wanted to incorporate more IDM and monotonous and percussive elements into his music. Le S4B0T3UR has releases on such labels as Mechanical Dragon and the great Soundmute Recordings.

Joakim has been producing psytrance since 1997 and was discovered byNephilim Records¬†who released several tracks of his on various compilations together with vinyl EP, other labels that has released Joakim’s work are:

~ High Society
~ Nephilim Records
~ Chackra Delic Rec.
~ Moonflower productions
~ Mechanical Dragons
~ Soundmute Recordings
~ Horns & Hoofs Recordings

If you like dirty and hard music, then Le S4B0T3UR has real tunes for you!

Gear used by Le S4B0t3UR:

  • MacBook Pro
  • Terratech Phase88 FW
  • NI Maschine Micro
  • NI Komplete8
  • Arturia Microbrute
  • Novation Nocturn
  • Focusrite Saffire 24 DSP Pro

Soundmute Recordings

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